Have supplies & furniture you want to donate?…

BGCR would be happy to accept your in-kind donation.


Here is a list of items the Club needs:

  1. New or gently used couches
  2. Kitchenware- Silverware, bowls and plates, mixing bowls and utensils.
  3. Sports Equipment- Footballs, flags, hula hoops, jump ropes, Dodgeballs (Soft), Whiffle balls, handballs, basketballs.
  4. Art Supplies- Paint, brushes, pastels, canvas, construction paper, tissue paper, colored pencils and washable markers.
  5. Books- Comic/Anime, sets for 2nd-5th graders.
  6. Folding tables
  7. Incentives- Toys, game cards (all sorts), gift cards, movie passes, etc.
  8. Electronics-Headphones, X-Box 360 controllers/ Wii controllers/ PS3 controllers
  9. Desk top computers 2015 or newer
  10. Instruments- Guitars, ukuleles, flutes, drums
  11. Board Games ages 5-18

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